How We Are Different

The Headwaters program is part of the larger Origins therapeutic community offering ready access to the full range of resources this relationship ensures. Treatment facilities for Headwaters’ patients are currently housed at the nationally-regarded Hanley Center at Origins located on a tropical campus in West Palm Beach, Florida. The comprehensive menu of clinical programs at Hanley Center at Origins reflects the most current scientific understanding of the biology of addiction accompanied with the most effective medical and clinical treatment approaches. From detoxification and medical stabilization to individualized treatment and continuing-care planning, Headwaters is able to draw on Hanley’s resources and tailor treatment programs that are customized to the individual needs of each patient.

We understand the patient. Treating addicted professionals and high-net-worth individuals present some uncommon challenges. Our staff has a cultural competence with this demographic and is well versed on the needs and boundary issues these patients may encounter. Our clinicians have particular expertise in establishing a trusting, therapeutic alliance with this unique group, which is often heavily defended and insulated from many of the consequences of addiction. We understand this particular demographic as a demanding identity construct worthy of our attention and care. Moreover, in training our staff, extreme emphasis is given to identifying and processing the negative countertransference that may arise when working with these patients and their families.

We are flexible. Our goal is to provide an optimal treatment environment that is egosyntonic but with clear boundaries. Our focus is on engaging the patient in treatment. We want to allow patients who would not ordinarily consider residential treatment –- often for work or family reasons –- to benefit from it. To that end, adjustments to the recommended program’s plans are considered. Allowances for some work-related interface and/or the use of electronics may be authorized by the clinical team if this access enhances treatment and can be incorporated as part of the therapeutic exploration.

Our flexibility extends to family. Addiction is often multigenerational, and it profoundly affects the entire family system. Our belief is that the family needs treatment every bit as much as the patient. Therefore, we customize our programs for each patient’s family and make every effort to arrange the family’s clinical involvement in a way that meets the individual’s scheduling needs.

We begin preparing for discharge upon admission. Teeing up admission for optimal outcomes is a core component of treatment development at Headwaters. In-depth and multidisciplinary assessment, informed by the history provided by referents and family, becomes a highly-individualized treatment plan. A team approach that includes staff members, the patient, the patient’s family, and referents is key to a successful execution of the plan. Ours is a safe, secure and empowering model that builds on strengths and positives.

We incorporate psycho-pharmacology. We will incorporate appropriate pharmacological interventions, as warranted. Integration of such care, particularly with patients who have co-occurring disorders, can produce better outcomes.

We are leaders in leveraging cutting-edge brain science to fight addiction. Through our psychological services department, we can take full advantage of evidence-based therapeutic approaches and techniques for cognitive restructuring that use the brain to fight addiction and help address co-occurring issues such as depression and anxiety, thereby improving chances for long-term recovery.

We embrace the 12-Step recovery culture. We believe a balance between psychodynamic clinical work and the 12-Step process represents the best path to recovery. Our clinicians are trained in both perspectives, and they are well versed on how best to introduce the 12-Step recovery to this demographic and integrate it successfully. Successful recovery requires a lifestyle change. Our experience has shown that when properly introduced, the 12-Step process plays a critical role in fulfilling a patient’s need for a community of support and a spiritual renewal.

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