A Focus on the Whole Family

Headwaters’ patients often have large spheres of influence. At Headwaters, these larger family systems encompass all who influence or are impacted by our patients’ addictions. This group may include spouses, children, friends, relatives, business colleagues, attorneys, and financial advisors. We are mindful first and always of the need to preserve the privacy and dignity of our patients. Along with this, we understand how critical it is that family members — and referents — are kept informed throughout treatment.

From assessment to after-care planning, their active participation on “the team” is essential to long-term recovery. At Headwaters, all family clinical work is tailored to the needs of the patient and to his or her family’s schedule; these therapeutic programs will be available to participating family members as well. Our goal is to clinically assist in repairing and healing the family devastation so often inflicted by addictive behaviors. We work to nourish healthy, new and necessary change as we recapture and build upon positive family dynamics that may have been forgotten or abandoned due to the ravages of addiction.

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