Philosophy and Approach


As addiction professionals, we are here to facilitate a true change of heart. Everything we do at Headwaters — from individual therapy to medical care —  is for this purpose. We recognize that mental, physical, and spiritual health are wholly interrelated. In order to provide the best possible care, we use all resources in our power to help our patients overcome the barriers to a lasting solution for addiction.

Headwaters at Origins’ integrated treatment model is designed to provide a clear path to a life of healing and restoration through exceptional clinical, medical, and spiritual services.


Addiction is a chronic, neurobiological disease which impacts nearly every dimension of a person’s wellbeing. For those with co-occurring disorders, this can be even more apparent. Our clinicians are passionate about helping individuals and their families to recover from addiction because we believe there is a solution.

Headwaters’ therapists use cutting edge, evidence-based techniques to treat addiction and co-occurring disorders. Our clinical services begin with a thorough assessment of substance use history and other behavioral and mental health issues that often occur alongside addiction. During a stay at Headwaters, our patients participate in intensive one-on-one therapy, as well as group therapy. Through individual and group sessions, our staff leads patients through family and relationship issues, past trauma, and self-care techniques, hearing everything that is said and knowing a way to freedom.


Alcohol and drug abuse affects the body in so many adverse ways that medical treatment is often necessary for reversal or reduction of health issues. Addiction can cause or exacerbate chronic and other health concerns, making recovery a complex process.

We believe that innovative and evidence-based clinical services must be matched with medical care capable of meeting the needs of those struggling to recover. This is why nurses, psychiatrists, and medical doctors are members of our highly skilled multidisciplinary team. Our approach brings medical and substance use history into current focus, and medical interventions are integrated into every patient’s personalized treatment plan.

At Headwaters, we offer a superior level of acute care, including state-of-the-art detoxification and the treatment of serious medical conditions. Our psychiatrists prescribe appropriate medication according to continuing evaluations as each patient moves through treatment. We teach our patients the importance of self-care, including how to manage chronic pain which is often a factor for older adults or cases recovering from an addiction to opioids. When exceptional medical care is combined with clinical and spiritual interventions, outcomes improve — and so do lives.


When speaking with nearly every person who suffers from addiction or alcoholism there is a common comment made by most. It centers around having a feeling of “emptiness” or “incompleteness” inside of them at the time they got clean or sober. This feeling can often be traced back to childhood. Or originated at the time they began drinking or using. Or it can be a feeling that nagged at them for as long as they can remember.

Once the person has experienced a psychic change, however, they recognize this rudderless existence as a lack of spirituality or a loss of spirituality.

The Origins experience has a spiritual foundation in which a person can completely regain and retain their spiritual connection through closely following some simple steps. Not only are there formal classes and groups designed to create this spiritual awakening, but you also have staff members who are ready to assist helping ever patient unpack their own spirituality.

At Headwaters, spiritual services intersect with clinical and medical services in a way that allows people to get well and stay well. If you would like more information about Headwaters at Origins please call 844-439-2837.