A Source of Renewal

private drug rehabAddiction harms not only the afflicted individual but nearly everyone touched by its effects. HeadWaters provides a safe haven: a private and fulfilling environment where clients and their families can find respite and begin to recover from the often-repeated punishments of this disease.

We provide a sophisticated, clinically-driven and client-centered program for a discerning clientele of licensed professionals and high-net-worth individuals. Our clinical staff draws on a deep understanding of the special circumstances, needs and requirements of our clientele. Our approach incorporates a fusion of cutting edge addiction medicine and rigorous clinical science, with immersion in proven 12-Step practices and personal spiritual practices. Capacity is carefully restricted to assure a personal level of staff and client interaction.

At HeadWaters, we meet clients where they are. We employ clinical interventions that are egosyntonic but that also include clear boundaries. Treatment plans are highly individualized and developed to meet the unique needs of each client and family. For us, client and family are one. Each entity has suffered from the consequences of addiction; both are equally vital in building a path to recovery that depends on facilitating trust and understanding. We work with each client and family on restoring the bonds and relationships that are critical to helping the family system recapture a life of purpose and a spirit of well-being.