For Family

Our program is based on the knowledge that a patient’s prospects for sustained recovery are improved significantly when the family is involved in treatment.

With the HeadWaters’ population, the definition of family is often broader. Individuals of means and high-functioning professionals and executives often have a large sphere of influence that can expand the definition of family to include lawyers, personal advisers, close friends, managers and others.

However “family” is defined for each individual, in many cases, the patient has lost or has damaged relationships with family members who have turned away because of the overwhelming frustrations caused by the patient’s addiction. We want to facilitate a return to the foundation that restores trust.

For us, the patient and family are one. Both have suffered from the addiction. Both are equally vital in building a path to recovery that relies on trust and understanding, as well as a commitment to the work necessary to get there.

The family’s active participation on “the team,” from assessment to aftercare, is essential to long-term recovery. At HeadWaters, all family clinical work is tailored to the needs of the patient and the family’s personal needs. The therapeutic programs we make available to the patient will also be available to participating family members as indicated.

Our definition of holistic treatment includes an examination of the entire system in which addiction and other disorders have evolved and festered. Often, family members learn that their own behaviors, even if well-intentioned, have contributed to another’s addiction or dysfunction. We work to train family members to recognize and change unhealthy patterns, to set and keep boundaries, and to resolve conflicts and adopt other behaviors that contribute to recovery and the overall health of the family and its complex relationships. Additionally, we help family members prepare for the changes in family dynamics when a loved one completes treatment at HeadWaters and returns home.

We also understand how critical it is that family be kept informed throughout treatment. Subject to preserving the privacy and dignity of the patient, we make every effort to enable desired communication and keep family members actively engaged and informed throughout the recovery process.

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