For Professionals

Those referring an individual for treatment at Headwaters may be a family member, a treating psychiatrist, an employer, an interventionist, a medical doctor, a financial advisor, a manager or another set of individuals who care deeply about the person in crisis. They can be confident the history they provide about the patient will be incorporated into treatment. They can also be assured that the patient will receive the highest level of clinical care in a safe, private environment.

Individual psychotherapy by highly credentialed professionals, group therapy and support services are all appropriately integrated into a personalized treatment plan. While Headwaters takes a holistic approach to treatment, we also have an appreciation for appropriate, considered use of pharmacological intervention.

Our multidisciplinary team communicates regularly regarding the status and progress of each patient. It is part of our protocol to keep referents and other stakeholders in the patient’s recovery informed from the first contact to discharge.

The Headwaters environment is a boundaries model with compassion: a balance between individual needs and holding the individual accountable. We have extensive experience working with the range of issues particular to high-functioning professionals and individuals of means. We also understand and appreciate matters endemic to high-end circumstances, from complicated legal and financial matters to professional licensing and work interface issues.

Our clinical approach is based on a balanced consideration of the biological and psychological circumstances of each patient including his or her social milieu. In summary, we see our role as a catalyst between releasing old addictive patterns and behaviors and the discovery of healthy, new behaviors that only a wholeness of spirit can provide.

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