Introducing HeadWaters


headwatersI am often asked by colleagues about the process of beginning to collect outcomes data for a new program – or for an organization in total. The development of Origins’ newest program offering, HeadWaters  has been a case study in just this type of implementation.

The complexity surrounding addiction treatment for individuals of means is well documented; however, difficult to implement. At Origins, we chose to move slowly and thoughtfully through development of this program, leaving no detail to chance. Our team began the strategic development process by examining available data, scholarly research, and the specialized needs of the patient population and their families. HeadWaters had a soft opening in our Private Client Suites on the Hanley Center campus in June, and was full within days. Over the past four months, established theory and research have informed practice and practice has informed theory and data, culminating in a best of the best program for discerning clientele of licensed professionals and high net-worth individuals.

Wednesday morning, Origins’ welcomes David Evans, Esq. who will present his keynote address, “Treating the Wealthy, the Powerful and the Famous” during the 2015 Moments of Change Conference. I hope you will join us in the Mediterranean Ballroom for his talk and Q&A. I will introduce not only David Evans at that time; I will also ask Madeleine Narvilas, HeadWaters’ Executive Director, to say a few words. Certainly, Madeleine will touch on the program’s amenities, such as the manor-style home that sits on open waterfront; however, it’s the programmatic elements – the core treatment – where HeadWaters is truly a step apart.

If you need a break during the conference from the activity in the exhibition hall, please join the Origins’ Team in our hospitality suite on the South Mezzanine level, Room #7. We will have refreshments, and the best accommodations…Breaker’s style.

Enjoy Moments of Change!

Drew Rothermel CEO, Origins Behavioral Healthcare

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