Cognitive Restructuring — PNP

luxury addiction treatmentThe influence of neuroplasticity is being felt across the board in the field of addiction treatment. Breakthroughs in neuroscience have determined that the brain is not static, as was once thought, but can repair itself. When we develop a habit, the brain creates a pathway in support of that habit. The more that pathway is used, the stronger it becomes. Addiction can be explained as a neuroplastic event. However, with intensive psychotherapy and other holistic interventions, we can retrain the brain to new pathways that support recovery.

Our multidisciplinary team of health care professionals includes the highly regarded care and expertise provided by the Lawlis-Peavey PsychoNeuroPlasticity (PNP) Center. The PNP Center’s methodology is built on evidence-based research on the brain’s capacity to restructure and renew itself. Few treatment centers actually offer the kind of PNP protocols that Origins — and HeadWaters in particular — has as a distinct component of our treatment program. The PNP Center seeks answers to problem behaviors, helping clients to optimize their strengths and self-regulating skills for a richer and more fulfilling life.

The Lawlis-Peavey PNP Center applies the collective wisdom of evidence-based psychology, neurology, state-of-the-art brain imaging, biochemistry and complementary medicine to compose highly individualized maps of the complex territory that make up each client. The PNP Center’s assessment is a two-day process in which the client is evaluated by several specialized and highly-qualified health care professionals for different assessments, covering multiple areas pertaining to brain function.

The assessments include:

  • Neurological: QEEG-Brain Functioning
  • Stress: Psychophysiological Assessment
  • Psychological: Individual & Family
  • Cognitive/Intellectual/Educational
  • Continuous Performance – Variable Attention
  • Behavioral Vision Screening
  • Medical: For Optimal Brain Functioning

The Lawlis-Peavey PNP Center’s contributions to the addiction recovery process include its Psychological Testing Program, Brain Stimulation Program, and Developmental Tools Program. In concert with an immersive 12-Step process, these programs contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the client’s physical and emotional health and provide self-regulating tools that aid in recovery.