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Defining Recovery

As seasoned clinicians, we want to do more than help our patients understand and stop problem behaviors. Beyond that, we want to help them utilize the tremendous talents and abilities they have in order to fully experience an abundant life that is free from addiction. The treatment philosophy at Headwaters is holistically-minded and provides a firm foundation for 12-Step recovery for those hoping to embrace it.

At Headwaters, we believe recovery is essentially a spiritual process built on these values.

By encouraging these principles in a supportive manner, the staff at Headwaters are able to foster a healing climate in which to recover. Through participation in an environment in which compassion and authenticity are core values, patients at Headwaters are able to nurture the spiritual experience vital to permanent sobriety.

  • Honesty
  • Understanding
  • Compassion
  • Presence
  • Authenticity
  • Consistency
  • Safety
  • Unity
  • Community
  • Accountability
  • Service
  • Reverence
  • Trust
  • Willingness
  • Open-mindedness

Recovery is Measured by Quality of Life

We believe that recovery is measured not simply by abstinence but by the ability to walk confidently in recovery principles on a daily basis, regardless of the present circumstances. While we are interested in knowing how many of our alumni are sober or abstinent in the months and years following treatment, key recovery benchmarks are more far-reaching. We want to know how our patients’ relationships have improved as a result of engagement in treatment— and we hope to discover that their lives are more fulfilling than before. Above all, we hope to learn the ways in which our alum have been able to share their gift by walking a path marked by loving action. All of these factors are the mission of sustainable recovery, and experience shows that true recovery positively impacts not only the individual but the lives of those around them.

Clinical — 12-Step Balance

We believe a balance between psychotherapeutic clinical work and the 12-Step process represents a clear path to restoration and recovery. Our clinicians are trained in both perspectives. They are well versed on how to introduce 12-Step recovery and ways to incorporate it successfully. Our treatment philosophy and holistic approach are both structured within a catalytic environment to enable patients to understand, be open to and to engage in the 12-Step process.

Successful recovery is a lifestyle. Our experience has shown that the 12-Step process plays a critical role in fulfilling patient needs for a continuing community of support and spiritual renewal. How one defines spirituality is unique to each individual, and our staff is dedicated to helping Headwaters clients explore recovery from their personal spiritual perspective. We know that by connecting with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose, people in recovery are able to positively engage with and impact the lives of those around them. We have found that in combination with clinical treatment, the 12-Step philosophy can prove to be a vital part of permanent recovery.

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