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Recovery is a Lifelong Process

At Headwaters, we offer ongoing support for every step of the recovery journey. Our Alumni Care Team provides dedicated services for every patient who enters our care. These services begin upon admission to our program and last a lifetime. From developing tailored continuing care plans to hosting events, our team is passionate about supporting Headwaters alum as they invest in recovery.

Your Alumni Care Coordinator

Ongoing connection is vital to recovery from addiction. From the onset of treatment, integrate this fundamental principle into each patient’s experience.

Our residents are assigned an Alumni Care Coordinator upon admission to our Headwaters. These trained professionals are skilled at forming lasting relationships that reach far beyond our luxurious, amenity-filled surroundings. Through one-on-one sessions and alumni groups, each patient works with their assigned Coordinator to develop highly-individualized continuing care plans that prepare them the transition from our therapeutic atmosphere. Our Coordinators are available in-office to delve into our patients’ personal stories and help them face the unique challenges they will face on the path to wellness.

Headwaters’ Alumni Care Coordinators offer lifetime phone, email, and in-person support to each of our patients.

Join Headwaters’ Fellowship

Those of us in recovery understand that happiness and fulfillment are more than possible. At Origins, we know that joy and a sense of camaraderie can return during treatment and continue long after it. We use a wide range of services both during and after treatment to model this for our patients. Our Alumni Community members are constantly enjoying the benefits of fellowship through small gatherings, large scale events, recovery meetings, and aftercare services. Origins has hundreds of alumni who are actively engaged in recovery. We enlist these members of our community to support, guide, and inspire our patients after they discharge from treatment.


Origins' Own Alumni App

Throughout the recovery journey, there may be times when former patients feel isolated and alone. During these challenging times, we offer inspiration and motivation through a supportive community available at your fingertips. Origins' own app, "Origins Connect," allows our alumni the opportunity to celebrate their victories and share their struggles along the way.

Along with community, our app also offers a robust library of content to encourage and entertain. Integrations with other platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud allow us to easily share powerful videos or podcasts. These valuable resources help Origins continue to support each alumnus through continuing care and beyond.

Key features of our alumni app, Origins Connect, include:

  • A way for users to keep track of their progress
  • A safe, private way for Origins' alumni to share their journey and support others in theirs
  • A way to discretely reach out to experts at our facility
  • A social media platform that’s catered to recovery and healing
  • A library of resources for support and encouragement



A Strong Network of Support

Alumni support and fellowship has been shown to improve the chances for sustained recovery after discharge from treatment. Alumni workshops, meetings, and reunions allow our former patients to maintain therapeutic contact with Origins’ team of addiction treatment professionals. We encourage alumni to frequently check our calendar for new meetings and events.

Headwaters Alumni Meetings


Alumni Meeting

Weekly on Monday


10:30AM EST


Hanley Center Main Campus, Chapel, 5200 East Ave., West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Thursday Headwaters
Support Group

Weekly on Thursday


12:00PM EST


Zoom Meeting
ID: 716098204
Password: 666280


Weekly on Friday


In-person meeting temporarily suspended due to COVID


Hanley Center Main Campus, Kootz Hall, 5200 East Ave., West Palm Beach, FL 33407


Last Thursday of the Month


7:00PM EST


Anniversaries are being celebrated last Thursday of the month at the Alumni Thursday Zoom Meetings at 7:00PM

Zoom Meeting ID:
863 3226 5272
Password: 9aT4AC

Life in the 12
Webinar Series

Weekly on Wednesday


12:30 PM EST


Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 382 608 253
Password: 972827


March 31 - April 1



More info coming soon! 



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West Palm Beach, FL 33407

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