Connection is critical to recovery from addiction, because addiction often thrives in isolation.

Which is why Headwaters strongly encourages our patients to stay connected within our network. Becoming involved in Headwaters’ alumni groups and volunteering within them enables past patients to remain connected to our staff and ones’ peers. This is not only suggested but stressed from day one at Headwaters.

We also make it clear that true participation in both the fellowship and program of the appropriate 12-Step group is imperative to long-lasting sobriety. We will help each patient with finding ways to make this possible and easy upon their discharge.

A Focus On Accountability

Alumni Services, including alumni groups, have been shown to improve the chances for a sustained recovery after leaving treatment. Alumni groups allow discharged patients to maintain therapeutic contact with Headwaters staff members who recognize the value of continued engagement in recovery. These groups allow alumni to be accountable for their actions as they continue to develop the skills necessary to enjoy a life free from drugs and alcohol.

A Strong Network Of Support

The team at Headwaters is dedicated to offering a strong network of support as an integral part of each patient’s aftercare. This includes a range of meetings and aftercare services which are available to all alumni of Headwaters’ programs. Our compassionate staff encourages each of our graduates to join a confidential environment where alum collectively seek permanent sobriety. Each group is individually tailored to meet the unique needs of participants. No matter what stage of recovery you find yourself in, you are welcome.

A Nationwide Network

No patient is alone as they leave Headwaters. Maintaining connections with fellow alum can provide a spirit of togetherness while traveling the road to freedom. For this reason, Headwaters’ patients are invited to contact fellow alumni in whatever city or state a person moves or returns to. Our Alumni Services Team will make appropriate connections and provide necessary information before discharge.

Relationships forged through being Headwaters alumni are often the closest and longest lasting in a person’s journey through recovery.

Resources for Alum

Please click on the links below for resources created specifically for Origins alumni and their families:

Recovery Café

Alumni Newsletter

Alumni Meetings and Aftercare Services

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