Continuing Care

In the same fashion that a multidisciplinary approach is taken in the initial assessment process, equal attention and focus is given to continuing care. Indeed, we begin preparing for discharge upon admission. All HeadWaters’ clients will be guided and supported on a long-term basis. The client’s multidisciplinary clinical team, in consultation with family and referents, will develop a continuing care program that is customized to that his or her needs.

The plan will include ongoing clinical support, with therapists identified and sessions already arranged before the client leaves HeadWaters.

The client will set up a 12-Step meeting schedule in conjunction with therapy.

The client will be informed about, and have access to, the HeadWaters at Origins’ MAP Recovery Support program, a 12-month recovery support system developed specifically for Origins. Each client will be assigned a MAP specialist to help guide them on their journey. Long-term, post-treatment support greatly improves the odds of staying in recovery, and an ongoing relationship with someone in long-term recovery is a powerful resource.

The clinical team will discuss and address with the client ways in which spiritual renewal can continue and grow, including the development of a sober support network. They will also explore ways the client may be of service to his community.

An intervention plan will be established should there be a crisis.

There will be consultations with and referrals to all pertinent professionals, including coordination with therapists, physicians, psychopharmacologists and psychiatrists.

The team will make recommendations for, and help schedule returns to, HeadWaters for continued therapy, a one-week recharge or other options.