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The Role of Family in Recovery

Feb 10, 2021

Family support is one of the most important ingredients in a recipe for recovery success. At the same time, family members may not understand the role they play in a loved one getting sober. It can be challenging, too, if a loved one’s substance use has caused harm to the people around them. Figuring out how to define and fill a supporting role becomes the responsibility of each person in the family. So, today, let’s talk about how facing addiction as a family can look.

Although chronic substance use can strain family relationships, family support is an essential element of treatment for professional people living with drug and alcohol addiction. One goal of family support during addiction is helping the individual in treatment begin and sustain recovery. Another goal is repairing the relationships within the family. Treatment programs offering family therapy sessions allow a client’s loved ones to actively participate while openly addressing the issues affecting the family that were created by the substance use disorder.

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Addiction influences individuals and communities.

The impact of substance use disorders reaches far beyond an individual and into the communities around them. One of the communities most affected by drug and alcohol misuse is the extended family. This community’s members may live nearby or out of the area. Both parts of this community may struggle with how to help their loved one. They may spend a great deal of time thinking about their loved one’s addiction. It may also create a breakdown in family relationships where the loved one and their immediate family get avoided altogether.

Facing Addiction as a Family

The challenge to face addiction as a family comes from what gets lost along the way: trust, stability, effective communication, safety, and more. The loss of these things can affect a family deeply and last for years. When restoring them becomes a priority, family members can begin working collectively towards the same goals. That’s where family therapy comes in. Open communication is an important part of that collective work. Each family member should be allowed to express their thoughts and feelings about a loved one’s addiction, and therapy is the ideal environment for that. Adults and children may play different family roles in the addiction recovery of a family member.

Importance of Family Support during Process

Clients in recovery have higher rates of success when supported by caring, committed family members. It’s evidence of the value of being an active part of a loved one’s recovery from the start and defining what that support looks like. Starting and sustaining recovery long-term takes a great deal of effort. Family support is about recognizing the work involved to remain in recovery and finding ways to help a loved one in treatment remember they’re loved, cared for, and a valuable member of the family.

Family Involvement in the Treatment Plan

Family addiction support during treatment comes with many touchpoints. Having a family member serve in a particular role will guide a loved one towards recovery. They may accompany them to a treatment facility. They may arrange visits when appropriate. They may help organize and participate in family therapy sessions. It’s important to be able to openly acknowledge what harm the addiction has created in the family while still offering continuous support. Establishing the objective of healing family members, as well as the client, early in the process is beneficial. It helps to establish roles clearly and avoid confusion regarding responsibilities.

Finding Help at Headwaters

At Headwaters, clients in high-profile positions in their careers may have accepted starting drug and alcohol treatment to salvage their professional status. They may recognize their need for mental health treatment as well. These clients need to recognize the impact of their drinking and drug use on family relationships. Their roles in their families are emphasized as equally important as their professional titles when learning the skills needed to begin living with sobriety.

Headwaters is a well-known care provider offering a range of treatment programs targeting the recovery from substance use, mental health issues, and beyond. Our primary mission is to provide a clear path to a life of healing and restoration. We offer renowned clinical care for addiction and have the compassion and professional expertise to guide you toward lasting sobriety. For information on our programs, call us today: 561-270-1753.

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